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Welcome to my Unofficial FAQ site for ManagerZone. Information on this site has been gathered over a period of time and has been corroborated by people that have played the game for some time. Any information on the site that is in italics in the format "[fab] I believe ...." is my opinion on a certain feature and should not be taken as fact.

Although this FAQ covers a few things that are in the manual, it is not a replacement for the online manual.

If you have any feedback or suggestions please find me on ManagerZone user fabkins or email me at fabkins @

19th January 2008

Quite a big update this time.  Some of which I can thank Doorzon who has been translating the web site to Dutch and providing corrections and additions along the way. 

Anyhow here what is new:

- Modified the Stadium planner so now you can selected attendance according to divisions making it much easier to work out how to plan your stadium.

- Added a section on "Club Membership" to give a little more detail of what club members.

- Further updates on Coaches and Training expanding on the new coach system.

- Added a section how the qualifiers work at the end of season in "Matches and Leagues"

- Tactics and Matches and Leagues have also had some minor additions

Here is a link to Doorzon Dutch translation, in due course I will put some nice clean navigation icons to take you there by language.

11th January 2008

Updated the MZ calendar that shows what events happens on what days on the "Getting started" page.

10th January 2008

Finally updated the "Coach and Training" section to reflect the new system.  Also added a few more bits in the "Players" section concerning form.

12th November 2007 

The MZ  transfer and coach system has changed and so the information on the coach system in the FAQ is currently out of date.  I'm still trying to get my head around it myself before I will try to write anything meaningful. 

22nd September 2007  <IMPORTANT>

Welcome to the new home of the FAQ new site.  Bookmark this page as I cant guaranty how long my old URL will keep working.

20th September 2007 

Having some difficulty with my ISP.  If by the end of this month there isnt a further update here then you can assume the problems are resolved and the site will move to .   Currently this link doesnt work.

11th September  2007

Yes, nothing new for a while. Done a variety of small changes that didn't warrant an update until their were enough of them.  Added new section in "Getting Started", Youths and Coach, Tactics and Training.

15th July 2007

Created a small application for exporting the player list into XML.  As its standard XML you can import this file your application or if you like using spreadsheets you can get Excel to load it. 

It exports a lot of information, much more than is available from the Alt view players page including some useful stuff like which tactic are they in, which country are they from, if they are injured,  if they are at training camp, ... well lots of really.  47 fields worth of info.

You can download it from here:

To use it type from a command window:

    mzplayers -user user -password password -o filename

    user is you managerzone username
    password is your managerzone password
    filename is the filename where you going to store things e.g. (team.xml)

Hope you find this useful. Future releases will include other stuff including training reports, matches, etc.  If you have requests let me know.

24th June 2007

Cleaned up "form" explanation in Players and added a summary of difference between leagues in Matches and Leagues.

21st June 2007

Modified the Players section, added more info on again Form.

Also added a method of searching the MZ FAQ courtesy of Google.

14th June 2007

Added a section on player values in the Player from information I extracted from wanttostrokemypuppy .Thanks WSTM by the way.

7th June 2007 & 12th June 2007

Small updates to players, youths, misc and coaches and training.

2nd June 2007

New sections in: Getting Started,  Matches and Leagues (including league audience figures), Coach and Training

Small updates in: Stadium and Expenses and Misc

22nd May 2007

Updated the Links page.  (well actually I put one in :) )  .  Done updates to the Youths page.

29h March 2007

Somewhere along the line in the restructure I lost the Transfer section, its back and updated.

27h March 2007

Minor updates to Getting Started, Players and Stadium and Expenses.

22nd March 2007

Played about with a system for getting player info without having to log in.   Its good for quickly checking your own scores too.   Had all sorts of permissions issue but finally got Internet Explorer version to work and can get it to work on Firefox if people find it useful. You can access it here .  If you find this useful let me know and I can make it a permanent link from the menu. 

17th March 2007

Updates to the form page (thank you to jerdefox and wanttostrokemypuppy ).  Updated the stadium styles to include the capacity numbers (thanks dantoe). See stadium styles.  Minor changes to the Coaches and Training.

Update 2 - Gave the  stadium calculator a new look.  Fixed it so looks as good in Firefox as it does in IE.  Made the TAB key work decently now. much quicker navigating around.  If you find any problems let me know.

11th March 2007

Ok, finished the bulk of the site revamp and will be working further updates on the stadium planner as well as some pages that people collaborated.  Hope you like the new look, like to say it only took me 5 mins but well it didnt.....

Update 3 for the day.  Got lots feedback and corrections.  Special thanks to big_green_shoe for edits and some donations from his web site, Matttombstone for edits and this new article on Player Skills and for wanttostrokemymonkey for work on the numbers for the new stadium calculator (coming soon).

Update 4 for the day.  New stadium calculator is up.  Its pretty accurate on income and seems totally accurate on facilities costs but it does take into account the clinic but more feedback required.  A further thanks to wanttostrokemypuppy who spent an hour or (probably a lot) more checking the numbers and helping me getting them right.

Lastly, if you want to see how your stadium evolves check stadium styles

4th March 2007

More general cleanups..

3rd March 2007

Well ok it took quite a while since I cam back to do an update but I finally got around to it. So Ive done updates in just about every screen. The Stadium Planner still gives rogue revenue results and that's work in progress got a portion of it done but not posted this yet.
A special thanks to Matttombstone and Dantoe who have given me info, feedback and corrections.

7th February 2006

What!!! Yes I'm back. I am working on updating the site. In my two years absence things have changed but not as much as I thought it would. I would LOVE to get feedback on what is correct and incorrect on my FAQ. I will try to credit the contributors as much as possible.

14th February 2004

Few minor modifications to Yellow Card, Coaches, Select/No selected. I would like to thank some contributors but unfortunately when the MZ emails got zapped I lost track of who gave me the info. Also updated the Stadium planner to include more spectator number selections as well as update the UK calculations.

3rd January 2004

Finally got Facility Expenses calculation spot on in the Stadium Calculator. At least for pounds.

14th November 2003

Added to Coaches and Training to reflect the changes in the training rules and added to Matches and Leagues.

3rd November 2003

Added to Stadium and Expenses.

2nd November 2003

Added to Coaches and Training, and Players - How can I have players with the same numbers ? (thanks to vprars06 for the info).

26th October 2003

Added currency selection in Stadium Planner as well as some new sections in Tactics, Players and Stadium and Expenses.

1st September 2003

Eloy has translated this FAQ into Spanish. This adds another language. Available at: .Again, like Doorzon, it amazes me how quickly you guys can do this. Well done.

1st September 2003

Added Stadium pictures and an entry in players. Also updated the HTML to be consistent with Doorzon's own improvements.

10th August 2003

Larp has given statistics on Youths as well corrected a few errors. Thanks.

3rd August 2003

Doorzon has translated this FAQ and has posted it: . I can't read Dutch but it looks well done. Good work Doorzon !

25th July 2003

Added a Getting Started guide for Newbies. Also added the Stadium planner.

24th July 2003

I have added a beta of the new "Stadium Planner" available here. Try it and tell me what you think.
I have incorporated a lot of updates into the "Coaches and Training" and "Youths" section following considerable input from Jyre. Thank you Jyre for your time on this.

I would also like to thank:

Ali Tareen (MZ user: Rosmunk) for donating his partially written FAQ.
Ian Carson (MZ user: Carsonamy) for working out the maintenance cost of standing, sitting and VIPs
Alex (The Guru of Youth) Thompson (MS user:Jyre) for considerable additions and corrections to the" Coaches and Training" and "Youths" section
John Phippard (MZ user: Phippard) for donating exchange rate information, stadium costs in different currencies and misc. items.
Lars Pensjo (MZ user: Larsp) for youth statistics and correcting some information on various pages.
You are welcome to cut and paste facts from this site into forums ( recognition to where they came from would be appreciated). Duplication of this site is not permitted without express permission.

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