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When is the deadline for tactical settings before a match?

You need to have set your tactics at least 2 hours before the match.  After 2 hours you wont be able to change which tactic to use A,B or C and any changes made to those tactics wont have any effect for that match – it will use the tactics set before the two hours.  

Why are there 3 tactics settings?

To keep key players form up and not overwork them so they get into the state of "I want to rest", rotate when your players play in friendly games so that they don't play every friendly.  Use tactics to divide your squad.  Here are some ideas for tactics:

- Have Tactic A with half of your best players.  Have Tactic B with the other half of your best players.  Have Tactic C as your best team. Play Tactic A and Tactic B every day in friendlies (home and away).

- Have Tactic A with your best team.  Have Tactic B with your reserve team.  Play Tactic A for home games and Tactic B for away games. Play Tactic A for League games.

- Have Tactic A with your best team.  Have Tactic B with your reserve team.  Play Tactic A at the beginning of the week.  Play Tactic B the rest of the week.  Play Tactic A for League games.  (If your best players get hurt at the beginning of the week with they have many days to recover)

I keep setting up my tactics but they keep reverting back to how they were

When you have positioned your players on a tactic screen remember to Save before going onto another tactic or leaving the tactic section. 

I have a player in the player list but he doesn’t appear in the tactics window

This is probably because he is not selected.  Go to the Players page and you should see that under the player he down as “Not Selected”. Click on it and put it back to “Selected”. You should now see him available in the tactics window. 

How are the substitutes position chosen?

The order that they are on the subs-bench determines the position they will be replacing.


    1. Goalkeeping
    2. Defender
    3. Midfielder
    4. Forward
    5. the 5th sub will come if 1 of the subs that already came on the field injured.

How does the team captain influence the team?

Currently the team captain has no effect to the team.

What is the difference between Defensive, Normal or Offensive play ?

Defensive style increases the chance of keeping the ball in your half but decrease the chance of scoring. 

Aggressive style lets you have many chances at shots but you have a weaker defence.

Normal is a combination of both.

Normal or Aggressive attitude, what is the difference?

Passive - This is a "Take it easy" setting where players play without heart.  Gives weaker team a chance but also helps form with players with 4 stamina not getting tired until the 75th minute.

Normal - Your normal setting.  Ideal for players of stamina 4-5.

Aggressive - "Go for it".  Makes your players perform as best as possible but uses a lot of stamina hence it is not recommended if ANY players have less 5 stamina but is better suited with players of stamina of 6+ , especial strickers.

Can I put players wherever I like on the tactics field?

You must have at a minimum:

  • 1 Forward
  • 2 Midfields
  • 2 Defense
  • 1 Goalies

And you must field 11 players on the tactics field.

Can I put as many as I want in a position then?

You should have no more than 3 strikers, 5 midfields, 5 defenders otherwise it becomes "Over crowded" and "Confusion" kicks in causing a drop in performance.

Can you manage your substitutes?

Yes, you can manage your substitutes up to a certain level. But just like with other tactical settings you need to have them done 2 hours before the start of the match. During the match you have no influence whatsoever on substitutions. To compensate this you've got the opportunity to set some rules; such as time of substitution, the score (in favor, against, even) and which players you want swapped. This offers the possibility to substitute an attacking midfielder for a defending midfielder for instance. Or to substitute a player of which you know has poor stamina. You can setup a total of 15 substitution rules.

How many substitutions can I make in a game?

You can make 3 substitutions. So although you can setup many rules , after the first 3 are done the other substitutions wont take place.  WARNING - automatic substitutions which occur when a player is injured also take from those 3 substitutions slots.  So if you make 3 rules generated substitutions and later one of your players gets injured, his position on the pitch will not be replaced and you will be playing will 10 men!

What tactic should I use?

You need to find a tactic that suits your players strengths and weaknesses.  The tactics employed by various teams can vary a lot. You may also find that you may have to vary your tactic depending on who you are playing.



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