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Calculator been recently checked and seem reasonably accurate now.  Feedback welcome. Clinic weekly facilities costs are not included so your outgoings are greater then what's listed in the calculator and you have a clinic, that's likely to be the reason.


The purpose of this sheet is to give you the whole picture about your stadium; its income, its building cost, its running cost and very importantly its efficiency.  The concept is that you enter in the "Existing Stadium" section how your stadium is currently configured.  You can also enter the details of the stadium you would like to have "New Stadium" and again it will give you all the details about it but also how much it will cost to get from the "Existing Stadium" to the "New Stadium".

The "75:23.2" button

You have two options when entering the details of your new stadium.  Either enter your stadium Terrace/Sitting/VIP settings yourself or you can enter the "Total" and press the "75:23:2" button.  What this does is works out the optimum stadium configuration for the number of spectators selected.

The numbers next to the facilities input fields

Those numbers tell how many of that type of facility your stadium can fill when there is a full stadium.  Remember, though this is calculated on your stadium size not on the crowd.  So if you select a 20,000 spectator stadium but only fill it with 8,000 spectators, your wont fill those facilities.

Match Type

This matches with of various spectator values.  It gives you a chance to see how much a stadium is giving to give you in money for different types of games.  Notice that the League games varies from 8000-12000.  This reflects realism.  If you are starting out stick to 8,000 for league games.

Spectators accommodated

This is the number tells you how many of spectators you have managed to get into the stadium.  If your stadium is the same capacity or greater than the number of people in the Match selected then it should reflect the number in the match.  If the number is less than your stadium size then it is because your stadium has NOT been built to the correct proportions.  To see what shape your stadium ought to be type into the "Total" field of the "New Stadium", the number of people at the match and press "75:23:2".  Notice how the new stadium is able to capture 100% of the Audience.

Audience captured

Unless your stadium is smaller than than the "Match Type", this should ALWAYS BE 100%.   If for your stadium is as bigger than the match type but you are getting less than 100% is is because your stadium has not got the right proportions of standing/sitting/vip ration.  Read Spectators accommodated.


If you have 100% Audience captured and but have less 100% efficiency, then this is because the stadium is bigger than the match so you are wasting money or the stadium is too small and you are not getting all the attendance.  This setting is ONLY important when you are choosing a "league" setting and you have geared your stadium to league games.

(Note - Currency conversion is a straight conversion from UK Pounds to a chosen currency.  You will notice however that figures will be slightly out.  This is because Crew have rounded facility costs to values that look better.  Although not exact the  figures should  be good enough to give you an indication of costs/earnings.  There are currencies missing, if you want them email me the country that is missing and I will add it in.  You may find you can more accurate versions of the conversions in the regionalized versions of the calculator )

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